About Us

ADBELLS is an endeavor to help aspiring applicants and newcomers to Canada with useful sites and links to prepare well in advance and in terms of knowing Canadian way of life, education, health, economy, employment, settling in Canada, tentative cost of living etc., Simply put prepare, immigrate and settle down in Canada.

ADBELLS provides links to excellent sites with authoritative information. It is an electronic community where aspiring applicants and newcomers to Canada can get information, read relevant news, ask their questions and share their experiences with others, and access a database of community organizations. ADBELLS is open to everyone and is used most frequently by applicants, newcomers and the general public.

While ADBELLS have links to general information about how to immigrate to Canada, ADBELLS does not have comprehensive information about the immigration application process (for example, for skilled workers, business immigration, visiting, work permits, study permits and so on). Nor are we able to answer questions about how to immigrate. It is simply impossible for us to reply to every request for information about immigrating to Canada.

We recommend you go to www.cic.gc.ca/english/immigrate/ for information about immigrating to Canada