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Immigration to Canada FAQ’s
Should I move/immigrate to Canada?
Answer – It is your choice and your decision. Canada has a good standard of living, globally recognized education, multicultural society, strong law & order, freedom of religion, equality, dignity of labor and opportunities.

If money is the only criteria, then, if you are 40 plus & earning CAD $3000/month (convert your currency to Canadian dollars) plus if you own a house in your country then you must do some research before you move? Ask your friends in Canada about Canadian economy, check Canadian jobs online, educational certification validity from your country to certification in Canada. For example Doctors, Engineer’s, MBA’s and Charted Accountants, nurses, lab technician from Asia (India, Pakistan, Nepal, Srilanka, Bangladesh) will have to continue their studies in Canada and get Canadian certification in respective professions.

In how many different ways can I move to Canada, as a visitor, as a professional, as a business owner, as a skilled labor, as a student, as a spouse, which is the best way?

Answer – There are certain requirements for each category depending on individual situation and qualification. A personal assessment of qualification must be opted with a certified professional to find the criteria to qualify. For more detailed information on immigration to Canada visit cic.gc.ca or speak to a certified professional

What is the monthly rent for an accommodation for a family of 2 adults + 2 Kids?
(Kid’s below 12 yr.’s)? Total how much CAD per month would a family need to survive?

Answer – Tentatively or approximately, Rent for a 2 bedroom will be CAD $1100 and upwards, plus maintenance CAD $100 and upwards. Depending on the location and residential type, apartment/town house/Detach/Independent house. A Family of 4 people, 2 adults and 2 kids will need approximately CAD $3000 per month just to survive no savings. Don’t forget day care charges for infants and kids.
How much will We/I pay for education of my Kids?

Answer – Education is provided FREE of charges like tuition fees from lower kindergarten up to 12th grade in Canadian public schools. For further studies to universities there is a different fee structure for different course studies and also for meritorious students scholarships are available, you will have to check with an educational councilor available at various help centers for educational information. Canadian education is valid across the globe.

What kind of Jobs are available in Canada?

Answer – Assume your education and work experience from your existing country will be wiped clean when you land in Canada. As per International Assessment Center in Canada, all the educational certificates are validated and their equivalence to Canadian education is issued, but you will/may have to complete the same education in Canada depending on your educational background and of course you will need Canadian work experience to land a decent permanent job with a fixed salary in the field of your choice. Till then you may have to continue with any available job at hand to take care of your monthly expenses. You may have to volunteer, work as a co-op. Help centers will guide you through your job search and provide basic support in terms of selection of appropriate educational certification for your profession, resume writing, networking and guiding with appropriate jobsites etc.,

What about health? How much do I need to save for doctor’s consultation, medication, hospitalization?

Answer – Health care in Canada is delivered through a publicly funded health care system, which is mostly free at the point of use and has most services provided by private entities. A family or individual must opt for health insurance or health benefits if available through employer, as prescribed medication, Dentist Services, Cosmetic surgeries are not free, patient will have to buy the prescribed medicines from the drug store. More health care details available online and on each Canadian provincial health care website.

Can my parents, siblings, relatives and friends visit me? Can I sponsor them?

Answer – Yes, you can sponsor your parents, siblings, relatives and friends as visitors for a short trip and parents may be for a longer trip. Sponsoring someone means it will be your responsibility in terms of their health and expenses till they are in Canada. Cic.gc.ca website or an immigration consultant / immigration lawyer will be able to provide with full details depending on each individuals requirement

What kind of social life will I have in Canada?

Answer – Social life is a personal choice of an individual. In Canada there are people from most parts of the world and they do socialize during festivities and celebrations. There are many other activities and events like movies, award functions, clubs, plays, parades to be enjoyed. Most of the immigrants celebrate their respective countries culture in terms of music, dance, food, carnival etc.

Should I land in Toronto or Montreal or Vancouver for better opportunities?

Answer – Not necessarily, do your research thoroughly, if you are a hands-on skilled person in the field of plumbing, electricity, construction, pipeline, mechanical, carpentry etc., then opportunities are all over Canada, like Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba etc., research is the key.

I am an engineer, after landing in Canada I want to change my profession. I want to be an accountant or I am a teacher after landing I want to be an engineer or lab technician or pharmacist?

Answer – After landing, first get work as soon as possible, any work, where you have some income, then decide what exactly you would like to do or choose a profession. Canadian government encourages second career and continuous education. You will have to choose a profession and complete a Canadian educational certification in that profession and you can pursue your dreams.

After landing in Canada, there are many government initiated help center’s to help you settle down in Canada, they conduct seminars, workshops and one to one consultation

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